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In accordance with the business expansion of the medical business of Fonns Engineering Co., Ltd. (former name: Applied Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. founded in 1979), which is its predecessor, Medforce Japan Co., Ltd. separates the sales, sales and service divisions of the business It was launched. We look forward to seeing you in the future as we develop unique businesses that can be a company that is a birthplace of manufacturing.

Group Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We constantly take action considering and looking beyond the sights of our customers.

We constantly gather force and pursue maximum synergy and aim to exhibit our best performance.

By continuing to provide added value that can only be delivered by us, we strive for continued existence and sustainable growth, and to share smiles with all people who are involved.


By clearly grasping the missions and goals to achieve going into the future, we continue to evolve as an organization that changes and creates on our own.


Quality Policy

We aim for the three aspects of high quality in order to be trusted by our customers and society.

High-quality Company

By being aware of the social responsibilities such as compliance and promises with customers, we aim to be a company that can be trusted by corresponding to demands with flexibility and quickness.

High-quality Service

By continuing to pursue a management system that contains the identity of Force Engineering, we aim for a high-quality service in all areas by continuing to improve on a daily basis.

High-quality People

Each employee is aware of his or her role, and we aim to develop human resources that are able to provide valuable services to the customer and society.

Company Information

  • Medforce Japan Co. Ltd.

  • Force Engineering Co. Ltd.

  • Force Lab

Company Name
Medforce Japan Co. Ltd. Abbreviation: MFJ
Representative Director
Takanori Imai
June 10, 2014
10 million yen
Business Content
Sale of medical devices
Sale of imported medical devices
Medical consulting
Head Office
1576-2 Shimohiraidemachi Utsunomiya Tochigi 321-0903
Tel: +81-28-663-2412
Fax: +81-28-662-2677
Tokyo Business Office
2-12-44 Ishigami, Niiza, Saitama
Affiliated Organizations
MT Japan
Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists
Japan Society of Clinical Anesthesia
The fair trade consultation of Medical device
Company Name
Force Engineering Co. Ltd.
Abbreviation: FEG (Former company name: Ouyoudenshi Ind. Co. Ltd.)
Representative Director
Takanori Imai
August 4, 1979
10 million yen
Business Content
Development and manufacturing of electronic machinery equipment
Development and manufacturing of precision processing
Development and manufacturing of disposable products
Head Factory
1576-2 Shimohiraidemachi, Utsunomiya, Tochigi 321-0903
Tel: +81-28-663-2408
Fax: +81-28-663-2494
Secondary Factory
4-18-5 Yoto, Utsunomiya, Tochigi 321-0904
Hitachinaka Branch Office
Kaneage, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki 321-0022
Transaction Banks
Resona Bank
Ashikaga Bank
Tochigi Bank
Joyo Bank
Affiliated Organizations
Tochigi Aerospace Social Gathering
Tochigi Aerospace Industry Promotion Council
Tochigi Pharmaceutical Affairs Association
Tochigi Medical Device Industry Promotion Council
Fukushima Medical Welfare Devices Association
Tochigi Automotivate Industry promotion Assosiation
Tochigi Electric Electron Industries Tochigi
Tochigi Avility Development Asssociation
Takanori Imai
June 1, 2016
Business Content
Research development and examination
Overseas research
Business consulting

Licenses Held by the Group

AS 9100 Aerospace Defense Management System
ISO 13485 Medical Device Management System
ISO 9001 Quality Management System
Type II Medical Device Manufacturing and Sale Business
Medical Device Manufacturing Business (general classification)
Medical Device Repairing Business (all classifications)
Animal Medical Device Manufacturing Business
Controlled Medical Device Sale Business

Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights

Patent Rights
Country No. By Group
Japan 5467668
Japan 5601741
Japan 5804440
Japan 5854414
Japan 5886454
Japan 5937729
Korea 10-1637803
China 21480001487.3
Japan 6178533
Korea 10-1769272
U.S. 9750530
Japan 6210651
Trademark Rights
Country No. By Group
Japan 5725133
U.S. 4872823
Japan 5827926
Japan 5827927
Japan 5827928
Japan 5861626
Europe 013337555
India 2831823


Group History

April 1, 1979
Establishment of the Imai Factory 2419 Shimohiraidemachi Utsunomiya Tochigi
August 4, 1979
Establishment of Ouyoudenshi Ind. Co. Ltd. Company name was changed and registered
April 1982
Transfer of the head factory 1576-2 Shimohiraidemachi, Utsunomiya, Tochigi
September 1996
Launch of the homepage
March 2003
Acquisition of ISO 9001
October 2003
Acquisition of Medical Device Manufacturing Business
April 2005
Type II Medical Device Manufacturing and Sale Business
June 2006
Acquisition of ISO 13485
June 2008
Inauguration of Representative Director Takanori Imai
October 2010
Acquisition of Medical Device Manufacturing Business (name change due to revised medical law)
December 2012
Acquisition of Medical Device Repair Business
April 2013
Launch of the solution site Iryokiki (Medical Device
June 2014
Establishment of Medforce Japan Co. Ltd.
March 2015
Acquisition of Animal Medical Device Manufacturing Business
May 2016
Secondary factory in operation Yoto, Utsunomiya
June 2016
Establishment of Force Lab
July 2016
Establishment of the Tokyo Office of Medforce Japan Co. Ltd.
August 4, 2016
Change of the company name to Force Engineering Co. Ltd.
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